Commercial Landscapes

We work with commercial and not-for-profit entities to embrace community and governance expectations around best practice and accreditation standards. Our service includes the re-positioning of outdoor spaces to prioritise the wellbeing of clients and staff and engaging our stakeholders collaboratively to address risks with sustainable outcomes.


Aged Care

Our specialization includes residential aged care landscapes for dementia facilities and independent living with a focus on designs to offer relaxation and rejuvenation through sensory engagement and socialization.


Urban Neighbourhoods

Our urban design portfolio is a considered framework for the busy professional needing respite and entertaining spaces to forge relationships and replenish wellbeing or to enhance street frontage appeal. Small spaces are a unique opportunity to capture unique aspects aligned with the needs and desires of diverse clients.



We have worked with camping and convention facilities to provide functional spaces for temporary communities. Our landscape designs are structured to assist high demand access and flexible spaces for enjoyment and recreation.



Education extends beyond the classroom to include outdoor places for collaboration and learning. These spaces are multi-use, bridging recreational and relational needs for teachers and students. Key design elements include horticultural hardiness, UV protection, risk mitigation and overall functionality.

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