So You Think You Can Garden!

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Tending a garden can be a chore, especially at this time of year.?It can be hard work, a bit like parenting or running a business – the responsibilities don?t end when 5pm comes! Achieving satisfaction and hard work often go hand in hand, or can be 2 sides of the same coin. Effort nearly always pays off.

This may be enough motivation for some, but not for me!?Meeting my gardens ?needs? are linked strongly to the joy and delight that I find comes from tending the plants in my garden.

Seeing new growth, a fresh bud or maybe even some fruit from the veggie patch provides me with a deep connection to nature. I thrive on appreciating wonder!

My regular walks in the garden, with an assessing eye, are not out of a dogged religious duty, but more aligned with preparations for the delight of the garden singing in delight. I feed my garden, and it feeds my soul.

My hope is that you will find a deeper appreciation of the living wonder on your doorstep (or balcony), and in those moments experience peace.

Happy Gardening


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